Poems in Episteme

6 poems from the March 2015 issue of Episteme.


Your first born
was grotesque
Arms spanning the world
crushing it with iron strength.
Your second born
was fierce
exploding fire from his mouth
burning souls in a day.

The ones who came after
and after
raged for days
destroying the fabric of the skies,
the foundations of forests
ripping the sturdy mountains
until the streams dripped blood.

Still you didn’t stop.

You carried on
producing offspring
one after the other
advancing across geographies
changing histories
living unimagined futures.
Till one day, they swallowed the sun
whole, shredded the earth
and washed away the paintings
of your image
Till they brought apocalypse
in the middle of the Yuga.

Poems in Muse India

4 poems from the Jul-Aug 2012 issue of Muse India.


Yet another hotel room
Impersonal, indistinct
The same layout
I check the soaps and the lotions
And add them to my growing collection
I fluff out the beds to make it more slept in
And try to make the night shorter by staying out late
Anything to make it quick
Anything to forget
The little crying face I left behind
The joy of achievement
The sadness of seeing your child cry
Where is the balance
As the stillness grows in the hotel room
I wish you a good night’s sleep miles away
And lie awake till dawn

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