Not knowing, Migration

The Banyan tree and the Oak
know the same language

is not an answer
nor a question
birds leave and return

Passport engraved with a stamp
coloured, dated. I
booked a ticket, landed in a country
closer to the poles from a country
closer to the equator

I didn’t know
I would collect theories and words
on my back
like a feathery creature
feathers firm on the body
plucking one out draws blood

Wonder why, how, I became
so many things at once
Emigrant, Immigrant, Migrant, Subaltern
theories to luxuriate, nest in

I didn’t know
that I am invisible
when I enter a room

I didn’t know
the philosophers, post-colonists
have labelled behaviour
branded my very soul
Hybridity, Provincialism, Orientalism
my shadows, my silhouettes defined
before I knew

Two- headed Janus
looking out, looking in
from where we came
to where we came

I didn’t know
I thot i was I
I was i.

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