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Sadness is a boomerang

they say write about happiness
of faraway lands where the flowers are red and fragrant
of peacocks and poems and picture books and forests verdant

the song inside is of sadness
of something beautiful, breaking in a flash
of slowly bleeding, oozing weeping sores years after
of my lover leaving me mid-kiss on a sunlit evening in Venice city of water

sadness is memory that comes back to bite
in the waves that come and go
my love, have you seen shoals of sprat leaping, falling
as we watch, dying on our feet, the water trickling from under our toes?

sadness is voiceless, eyes morose dead, vacant in its many faces

I try to laugh sometimes, I laugh so hard, my mouth turns inwards, loses shape
l paint a smile on and watch poppy fields turned blue
the abyss inside mirrors the one outside in a desolate seascape
from deep down the sadness in me, in my blood, skin and bones
column-like reaches the skies and boomerang-like pirouettes

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