Mona Dash: In Conversation with Jaydeep Sarangi, Jan-Feb 2016, Muse India

You mention fiction. So what is the main difference between writing poetry and fiction and which one is a more natural form of writing for you? Jyideep Sarangi

Like most writers, I started writing poetry first, then short stories, and then attempted a novel. Poetry however is more inspirational. So while I can write or think of prose, either a flash fiction, short story, or even parts of a novel, at any time, poetry is flightier, and doesn’t arrive so easily. Poetry has her special moments and gifts! In terms of expression, I think poetry is more about your own sense of self and how you express it, as a reaction to what you see and experience. Fiction is about other people, characters and situations which want to be written about. Mona Dash

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