‘Let Us Look Elsewhere’ and Other Stories, published by Dahlia Books, UK

Shortlisted for the 2018 SI Leeds Literary Prize.

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Read an extract at The Citron Review.

Praise for Let Us Look Elsewhere:

‘It was a pleasure to read Mona’s writing for the first time, when she was shortlisted for the SI Leeds Literary Prize, and to introduce her work to the world. She is a writer of rare bravery, putting forward a manifesto against the tropes and delighting in subverting expectations.’ Roopa Farooki, Author

‘The powerful collection of short stories by Mona Dash, Let us Look Elsewhere literally takes us across the world: to Europe, the US, India, Britain and also into the lives of a wide range of very different characters, some of whom reflect darker elements of human behaviour and experience.’ Susheila Nasta, 2018 SI Leeds Literary Prize chair of judges

‘Mona Dash has produced an unflinching collection of short stories, demonstrating that she is a fearless writer, unafraid to reveal her characters flaws and extremes as they search for a sense of identity and belonging.’ Joe Melia, Bristol Short Story Prize Co-ordinator

‘These atmospheric stories travel across continents and time, offering surprising and intriguing incursions into the disparate moments of solitary lives.’ Amanthi Harris, Author

‘A wonderful, richly rendered and triumphant collection. Highly recommended.’ Irenosen Okojie, Author


‘Mona Dash’s short story collection is a fascinating concoction of characters and stories drawn from different corners of the world. The opening story (which lends the book its title) grabs the reader’s attention immediately. Brimming with confidence, the writer demands the reader trust her with the stories she wants to tell instead of narrating the ones expected of her. The story begins audaciously, and the piece quickly garners admiration as Dash sets out her argument and ultimately wins over the reader.’ By Asha Krishna. Read more at TSS Publishing.

‘Prepare to be annoyed, Mona Dash warns the reader on the first page of her debut collection of stories. Those expecting to find tales of saris and jasmine will be disappointed, she says. Instead, the reader should prepare for stories which have not been told before: the voices traditionally marginalized by those belonging to the powerful and the erudite. Thus Dash sets out her manifesto in the opening chapter of the book. The following stories certainly live up to the promise of diversity. For backdrops, we are taken on a whistle-stop tour of the world. Dash evokes Reykjavík as skilfully as Las Vegas, while the tropical heat of India is showcased several times.’ By Jane Wallace. Read more at Asian Review of Books.

‘The stories are neatly laid out – beautifully crafted gems adorn this crown of a collection. But the most impressive aspect of the collection is a combination of confidence and conviction – confidence in her craft and the conviction with which she tells her stories. A fascinating, bold debut that enthralls the reader right from the outset.’ Read more at onerightword.

Let Us Look Elsewhere by Mona Dash is a collection of short stories that will make you look elsewhere with eager eyes. Every time I opened this collection I looked forward to reading a new story. I never knew where the author would take me next, to different times and places all across the world where I could learn about so many different lives and settings. Imaginative, risk-taking and always surprising, this collection of short stories is a joy to read.’ By Tracy Fells. Read more at The Literary Pig.

Last week The Whole Kahani won the Eastern Eye Award for Fiction. Here, in the post below, is the official video of the moment. To see more about the members of the group and all our books, do visit our website. @kahani_the #writers #collective

We won the Eastern Eye ACTA award for fiction! Proud and delighted that our collaborative writing is being recognised Huge thanks to @EEACTA @EasternEye @LinenPressBooks
Well done @ReshmaRuia @writerkavita @Dash2Mona @NadiaKabirBarb @radhikakapur @cg_menon Deblina and Khadija

Thank you Mita! and for reviewing Tongues and Bellies when it was published. Was great to meet yesterday and thanks for the photos !

Congratulations to The Whole Kahani for winning the Eastern Eye Awards for Fiction with their anthology, 'Tongues and Bellies'!
Their literary achievement shines brightly in the world of fiction.
@ace_national @EdwardianHotels @hindujagroup

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