The making of a Goddess’

resplendent Goddess
when you become
we will worship you
with flowers, the best
roses we shall decree
lotuses, pink-gold, fifty-five petals no less
incense mesmerising intoxicating

only the pure can visit
they must fast a whole day
and half
pine, plan for a year or two
before they visit you

we will enshrine you in marble
from European shores
inlaid lapis lazuli
peacocks in the garden
fountains bursting colours
we will worship you
your visage, your body anointed
in red, yellow
your face smooth turmeric paste
our lives, our desires, our dreams
shall writhe at your feet

we will worship you
in return you must burn
first from the inside:
dry out the desire
that keeps you awake
dried-twig-like crush under your feet
those dreams that glisten
forgotten in your eyes
thoughts that anger
want to tear you apart
you must wash it out
wring yourself bone-dry
the hard bones you must crush
then they cannot support
and you will crawl
jelly like amorphous moulding
how we want you to

next your skin
it must burn
flake curl into itself
beautiful eyes unseeing
hands crippled
breast waist fingers lips
conjoined mass

you must burn
the insides the outsides
the brain the mind the soul
the heart the earlobes
the swirls of your stomach
the legs and the in between
left with nothing

consuming fire

and now you are a Goddess
we will worship you.

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